10 Pictures with the cutest dogs of the week

1. A funny chihuahua dog with its tongue looks really cute. It's one of the cutest dog here.

Funny chihuahua dog cute

2. A funny pug looks cute too.

Funny pug looks cute

3. A cute labrador puppy.

Cute labrador puppy

4. An adorable little puppy is sleeping in a hand.

Adorable puppy in a hand

5. A cute pembroke welsh corgi puppy.

Cute pembroke welsh corgi puppy

6. A lovable chihuahua with a nice hat.

Lovable chihuahua with a nice hat

7. A fluffy delightful puppy is walking.

Fluffy delightful puppy is walking

8. A cute small dog chihuahua.

Cute small dog chihuahua

9. A nice english bulldog wants to play football?

Nice english bulldog

10. A cute dog is hiding.

Cute dog is hiding