10 Wonderful animal pictures to make your day better

1. An adorable ginger kitten is playing outdoors.

Adorable ginger kitten is playing

2. An amazing pomeranian puppy.

Amazing pomeranian puppy

3. A funny picture with amusing cat's face.

Funny picture with amusing cat face

4. A wonderful cat is resting.

Wonderful cat is resting

5. An interesting animal called llama.

Animal called llama

6. A cute cat with beautiful green eyes.

Cute cat with beautiful green eyes

7. A nice dog looks happy.

Nice dog looks happy

8. A beautiful squirrel is on the tree.

Beautiful squirrel is on the tree

9. A charming cat is resting in the bed.

Charming cat is resting in the bed

10. A cute fluffy puppy.

Cute fluffy puppy