11 Cute animal pictures to bring your mood up

1. A cute sleeping puppy looks wonderful.

Cute sleeping puppy

2. A smiley dog is so happy...

Smiley dog is so happy

3. An amazing funny picture with a laying dog.

Funny picture with a laying dog

4. A cute baby pig looks so lovable.

Cute baby pig looks so lovable

5. A little sweet kitten sees something interesting.

Little sweet kitten sees something

6. A funny cat is sleeping.

Funny cat is sleeping

7. An adorable little puppy has amazing hair color.

Adorable little puppy has amazing hair color

8. A charming wild cat is resting.

Charming wild cat is resting

9. A little cute kitten is playing.

Little cute kitten is playing

10. A funny pug looks really lovable.

Funny pug looks really lovable

11. A cute kitten is in the forest.

Cute kitten is in the forest