11 Pictures with cute cats to cheer you up

1. A cute kitten under the blanket.

Cute kitten under the blanket

2. An adorable fluffy kitten.

Adorable fluffy kitten

3. A funny picture with yawning cat.

Funny yawning cat

4. A cute and sad white cat with beautiful eyes.

Cute and sad white cat

5. This grey cat looks very satisfied.

Grey cat looks very satisfied

6. A wonderful cute kitten looks so helpless.

Wonderful cute kitten

7. A cute young cat is walking on the street.

Cute young cat is walking on the street

8. An amusing lovable kitten.

Amusing lovable kitten

9. A beautiful grey cat is resting.

Beautiful grey cat is resting

10. A close-up picture with a cute cat.

Close up picture with a cute cat

11. A funny ginger cat is sitting on the sofa.

Funny ginger cat is sitting