12 Cute dogs that might cheer you up

1. A wonderful cute dog outdoors.

Wonderful cute dog outdoors

2. An amusing and cute French bulldog.

Cute French bulldog

3. A delectable Golden Retriever puppy.

Cute Golden Retriever puppy

4. A cute American pitbull terrier puppy.

Cute American pitbull terrier puppy

5. A delightful dog with amazing eyes.

Delightful cute dog

6. A wonderful dog is running in the snow.

Wonderful dog is running in the snow

7. A cute fluffy dog - Coton de Tuléar breed.

Cute fluffy Coton de Tulear breed

8. Two adorable and cute puppies.

Two adorable and cute puppies

9. A beautiful white puppy looks sad.

Beautiful white puppy looks sad

10. A cute French bulldog is tired.

Cute French bulldog is tired

11. A lovable sad Golden Retriever puppy.

Lovable sad Golden Retriever puppy

12. A cute fluffy puppy.

Cute fluffy puppy