12 Pictures with wonderful and cute animals to cheer you up

1. A happy cute dog.

Happy cute dog

2. A smiley cute Golden Retriever puppy is running.

Smiley cute Golden Retriever puppy

3. A cute red kitten sees a butterfly.

Cute red kitten sees a butterfly

4. A lovable little puppy looks so cute while sitting in the cup.

Cute puppy in the cup

5. Two wonderful pigs.

Two wonderful cute pigs

6. A smiley poodle outdoors.

Smiley cute poodle outdoors

7. A cute black kitten shows its tongue.

Cute black kitten shows its tongue

8. A beautiful squirrel in the open air.

Beautiful squirrel in the open air

9. A wonderful rose-ringed parakeet.

Wonderful rose ringed parakeet

10. A cute sleeping cat.

Cute sleeping cat

11. A cute white dog - Lapphund.

White cute Lapphund

12. A delightful Shetland Sheepdog.

Cute Shetland Sheepdog