12 Wonderful animals to cheer you up

1. A cute pug outdoors.

Cute pug outdoors

2. A wonderful little chihuahua.

Wonderful little chihuahua

3. A beautiful serious tiger.

Beautiful serious tiger

4. A smiley jack russell dog looks so happy.

Smiley jack russell dog

5. A wonderful look of a panda.

Wonderful look of a panda

6. A cute black puppy in the grass.

Cute black puppy in the grass

7. A happy jack russel dog.

Happy jack russel dog

8. A lovable beautiful cat.

Lovable beautiful cat

9. A cute newborn kitten is sleeping.

Cute newborn kitten is sleeping

10. An amazing white puppy.

Amazing white puppy

11. A funny poodle looks smiley.

Funny poodle looks smiley

12. A cute young duck in hands.

Cute young duck in hands