14 Pictures with beautiful and cute animals of the day

1. A cute baby elephant with its parents.

Cute baby elephant with its parents

2. A funny picture with a dog.

Funny dog

3. A cute yorkshire terrier puppy.

Cute yorkshire terrier puppy

4. A funny pug is cold.

Funny pug is cold

5. A wonderful dog - shetland sheepdog.

Cute shetland sheepdog

6. A beautiful red squirrel.

Beautiful red squirrel

7. A charming dog looks happy.

Charming dog looks happy

8. Two goat babies are playing.

Two goat babies are playing

9. A beautiful peacock with its amazing tail.

Beautiful peacock with its amazing tail

10. A cute cat is resting outdoors.

Cute cat is resting outdoors

11. Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed.

Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed

12. A cute shetland sheepdog puppy.

Cute puppy shetland sheepdog

13. A cool focused tiger.

Cool focused tiger

14. A beautiful cute bird - kingfisher.

Cute bird kingfisher