15 Pictures with the cutest dogs and puppies of the week

1. A funny cute chihuahua looks amusing.

Funny cute chihuahua looks amusing

2. A funny fluffy dog is sitting in hands.

Funny fluffy dog in hands

3. A happy cute chihuahua is resting outdoors.

Happy cute chihuahua

4. One of the cutest dog picture. It seems that it laughs.

Cutest dog laughs

5. A cute small dog.

Cute small dog

6. Amazing puppies with beautiful hair.

Amazing puppies with beautiful hair

7. Young cute pitbull dog.

Young cute pitbull dog

8. A cute young shetland sheepdog.

Cute young shetland sheepdog

9. Sad and cute bulldog.

Sad and cute bulldog

10. Wonderful and cute Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy.

Cute Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy

11. A funny surprised dog with puppies.

Funny surprised dog with puppies

12. A cute smiley dog on the street.

Cute smiley dog on the street

13. Golden retriever puppy is so cute.

Cute Golden retriever puppy

14. A cute puppy outdoors.

Cute puppy outdoors

15. A wonderful happy dog. 

Wonderful happy dog